Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Design: G36KE!!!

Far from being done, but its on its way. The textures are kind of Low-Quality, but thats alright. The hardest part, is its not a rip from a game, its all made from scratch, so textures are tricky. Making it all look good will be a tedious task. Thats why i have Photoshop though :) Oh, and its been awhile since i had a post here as well, so i though why not start posting again? Heres some screenies:

I still haven't added a barrel, and i don't know if i'm going to go all-out with a working bolt/clip/etc. I've already started on the clip, don't know how to build a locking mechanism though, If you wanna help me, just Email me :) Credit will be added on Team website/Blog if it gets built. Also i need a testbuilder if i don't get a better printer soon.

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