Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gibson Explorer Papercraft

Heres a Gibson Explorer, mini-sized. It comes with 3 pickups, a pickgaurd, 3 knobs, and has a Neck, body, and headstock. I designed this a week ago and posted a link for the .pdo on monday, so heres the build! Note, the pics are without pickgaurd, pickups, and knobs. those are still to come, so heres the main part.
Name: Gibson Explorer
Difficulty: Easy-Medium. This actually dpends. The main part of the guitar is easy, but i had trouble attaching the neck to the body. this is due to my lack of thought when i was designing it. The knobs are small, but easy, the pickgaurd is again small, and the pickups are medium.
Time: Approx 2 hours (scoring and cutting smaller peices without ruining them is hard)
Length: Approx 50cm(?)
Special thanks to: ThePapercraftCouple for unfolding for me!
Download Link: Here
Once again, I host all of my files on another sharing website called mediafire so theres absolutely no wait, and fast speeds, and i suggest everyone else do the same!

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