Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I HAD the popups completed about 2 weeks ago, the my internet shut off once i built them. Then one of my ignorant friends stepped on them.... So i guess im gonna rebuild it...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Popups: Space Invaders

Heres something i whipped up in Card Designer in 10mins or so:

New Tutorial! Rounding out Corners with the Follow Me Tool!

This is a sketchup tutorial.
I decided to show you guys how to do this, since i use it all the time when modeling guns and guitars. Here it is!

For more Tutorials, you can visit the Tutorials page of my blog, or Go Here to our forum!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

G36K Update:

So it turns out, ive been following the G36K picture as a reference, Not the G36KE Pic... The only Difference is, At least in appearance that i can tell, is that the KE version has an extended barrel. Heres some pics of the end result, Im very happy with it:
I still need to delete 6-7 Lines/Faces before its COMPLETELY done, but as of now, i don't see any internal geometry, or anything of that nature. Sketchup is a really powerful 3d Design Platform. Many people in the papercraft world shun it, and use Metsequoia or blender instead, but i LOVE sketchup. I'm not saying anything bad about meta or blender, i, just not good with those programs. Too Numbery(is that a word?)/Mathematical for me. I'm more of a visual kind of person. I want 2 or 3 tools, instead of thousands of windows with modifiers and other things of that nature. I find that ironnic, seeing as how i use the large toolset xD

( EDIT) An idea:
Maybe i will add a universal Attachment rail on all of my gun releases. Then i can release attachments for ALL of my guns. I don't even have any guns released right now, but im just saying :D


Here, You can find a few of my Tutorials, as well as some of Evan's Tut's. I lean more towards Sketchup, while he Loves Blender.

Some Direct Links (mine):
Removing internal Geometry #2 (Requires Sketchup v8 and up)
-This is easier, but does not work all the time.
Removing internal Geometry #1 (Requires Sketchup v7 and up)
-This is more time consuming, and requires more experience, but allows more for flexibility.
-Learn how to model a Win Glass. Will work for All types of shapes, Especially symmetrical ones.

Some other Direct Links (Evan's):
-Especially useful!! Recommended.
-This Saved my life when i t comes to Oblivion Rips.
Easily Delete Internal Geometry (Requires Blender 2.56a)
-The blender counterpart to my Sketchup tutorials.
-Ripping Models using 3D Ripper DX. Title Says it all!

More to be Posted soon!! Will keep my blog updated! Also, Be sure to register at the forum and comment!

New Design: G36KE!!!

Far from being done, but its on its way. The textures are kind of Low-Quality, but thats alright. The hardest part, is its not a rip from a game, its all made from scratch, so textures are tricky. Making it all look good will be a tedious task. Thats why i have Photoshop though :) Oh, and its been awhile since i had a post here as well, so i though why not start posting again? Heres some screenies:

I still haven't added a barrel, and i don't know if i'm going to go all-out with a working bolt/clip/etc. I've already started on the clip, don't know how to build a locking mechanism though, If you wanna help me, just Email me :) Credit will be added on Team website/Blog if it gets built. Also i need a testbuilder if i don't get a better printer soon.