Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010


so basically ive been without Running Water, A/C, or a bed for the past days starting sunday. i went camping, which was a horrible idea. now im back and im trying to find a papercraft camaro, but not a bumblebee. if anyone finds one, can you please tell me?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gibson Explorer Papercraft

Heres a Gibson Explorer, mini-sized. It comes with 3 pickups, a pickgaurd, 3 knobs, and has a Neck, body, and headstock. I designed this a week ago and posted a link for the .pdo on monday, so heres the build! Note, the pics are without pickgaurd, pickups, and knobs. those are still to come, so heres the main part.
Name: Gibson Explorer
Difficulty: Easy-Medium. This actually dpends. The main part of the guitar is easy, but i had trouble attaching the neck to the body. this is due to my lack of thought when i was designing it. The knobs are small, but easy, the pickgaurd is again small, and the pickups are medium.
Time: Approx 2 hours (scoring and cutting smaller peices without ruining them is hard)
Length: Approx 50cm(?)
Special thanks to: ThePapercraftCouple for unfolding for me!
Download Link: Here
Once again, I host all of my files on another sharing website called mediafire so theres absolutely no wait, and fast speeds, and i suggest everyone else do the same!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I never officially posted this build up, i just posted pics, so heres the mech i built.
Name: ShadowCat
Game(source): Mechwarrior 4
Difficulty: Medium
Time:13 Hours
Height: ~7.5 inches (~19cm)
Download Link: Here
Designer: Uknown
Found by: †CMO†Sturm
I host all of the files i use on another sharing website called mediafire so theres absolutely no wait, and fast speeds, and i suggest everyone else do the same!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Friends over at Cut Score Fold And Glue released a Forum on the 7th, and i urge you to go and be a part of the community. Its a friendly place, full of people that just want to help you out, in any way they can. Click here to go directly to it!

Explorer unfolded

The explorer is done and unfolded, but the texture got screwed up, and so did the size. so here it is, halfsize, and white. its ok though. it better than textured actually, because now i can design my own texture! its gonna be AWESOME. Click Here to dowload it (no wait time)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Designing a Mech

I am thinking of designing my own mech, similar to the one i've already finished. i'm not a huge fan of gundam style mechs, more like mechwarrior mechs. the only problem ill have is with textures, i kinda suck with them :| so wish me luck,!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Explorer Gets Textured

Done Texturing the Explorer, and i think it looks pretty Awesome. It's a tribal design of a wolf (obviously), because I couldn't make a texture of my previous design, which was blue and white stripes, but curved like arch's. I sent it over to The Papercraft Couple to get it unfolded, while I help them on a project of theirs.

New Designs

I've always wanted to make a paper life-sized guitar, using papercraft. I can fold a 1/16 scale flying v guitar, and I've taped 16 sheets of paper together and folded a life sized flying v, but i'm not a v fan, and it wasn't that realistic. So now i'm hoping that this would work for papercraft, to not only look good, but to be strong. I'll probably need to use 2 sheets of 200gsm paper for is to be strong enough. Tell me what you think. I am also designing a low- poly PPSH-41, more commonly known as the "Russian Tommy Gun".
"Gibson Explorer"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Up and Running

So now that my new page is up, i am probably going to spend the rest of the summer on my computer designing new things. Hopefully everything goes well with my ShadowCat Mech i'm building, but it may have stability issues. we'll see :/