Here, You can find a few of my Tutorials, as well as some of Evan's Tut's. I lean more towards Sketchup, while he Loves Blender.

Some Direct Links (mine):
Removing internal Geometry #2
(Requires Sketchup v8 and up)
-This is easier, but does not work all the time.

Removing internal Geometry #1
(Requires Sketchup v7 and up)
-This is more time consuming, and requires more experience, but allows more for flexibility.
-Learn how to model a Wine Glass. Will work for All types of shapes, Especially symmetrical ones.

Rounding out Corners with the Follow Me Tool
- Learn how to round out your model for a more professional or advanced look.

 Some other Direct Links (Evan's):
-Especially useful!! Recommended.
-This Saved my life when it comes to Oblivion Rips.

Easily Delete Internal Geometry (Requires Blender 2.56a)
-The blender counterpart to my Sketchup tutorials.
-Ripping Models using 3D Ripper DX. Title Says it all!

Even More Direct Links (Snowjoke's):
-This is extremely Helpful, although doesn't have anything to do with design xD Nice job!! 

I never said these were 100% Design related though :D

More to be Posted soon!! Will keep my blog updated. Also, Be sure to register at the forum and comment. All New posts will be updated through m blog, And posted on this page, so watch out!