Saturday, March 19, 2011

G36K Update:

So it turns out, ive been following the G36K picture as a reference, Not the G36KE Pic... The only Difference is, At least in appearance that i can tell, is that the KE version has an extended barrel. Heres some pics of the end result, Im very happy with it:
I still need to delete 6-7 Lines/Faces before its COMPLETELY done, but as of now, i don't see any internal geometry, or anything of that nature. Sketchup is a really powerful 3d Design Platform. Many people in the papercraft world shun it, and use Metsequoia or blender instead, but i LOVE sketchup. I'm not saying anything bad about meta or blender, i, just not good with those programs. Too Numbery(is that a word?)/Mathematical for me. I'm more of a visual kind of person. I want 2 or 3 tools, instead of thousands of windows with modifiers and other things of that nature. I find that ironnic, seeing as how i use the large toolset xD

( EDIT) An idea:
Maybe i will add a universal Attachment rail on all of my gun releases. Then i can release attachments for ALL of my guns. I don't even have any guns released right now, but im just saying :D

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  1. is the recoil for the new G36k still the same?