Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Designs

I've always wanted to make a paper life-sized guitar, using papercraft. I can fold a 1/16 scale flying v guitar, and I've taped 16 sheets of paper together and folded a life sized flying v, but i'm not a v fan, and it wasn't that realistic. So now i'm hoping that this would work for papercraft, to not only look good, but to be strong. I'll probably need to use 2 sheets of 200gsm paper for is to be strong enough. Tell me what you think. I am also designing a low- poly PPSH-41, more commonly known as the "Russian Tommy Gun".
"Gibson Explorer"


  1. cool looking good remember we will help you with the unfold

    ThePapercraftCouple :)

  2. P.s finished Mech looks awesome! :)